Good habits to encourage

At our school, we recently had a father tell us that before coming to our school his sons would leave their shoes out by the door. His youngest son started coming to our school, and started to line up his shoes nicely at home. His older brother noticed and started to copy him too!
It’s not a rule, but we are encouraging this routine when they come inside that they put their shoes up on the shoe rack.
Because, in the beginning, every day we consistently encouraged it, it became a good habit that he does all by himself now.

Here are 3 good habits you can encourage at home.

1. Have children put things where they belong
Everything in your house probably already has a place it should go – shoes in the shoe box, coats on a hanger in the closet, dishes in the cupboard, toys in the toy box, books on the bookshelf, etc. As the adult, we need to continuously model putting things back where they belong because children copy us, especially parents. Give your child a gentle reminder if he leaves his coat out. After your child plays with his toys, encourage him to put his toys back in their toy box or wherever he got them from before moving on to the next activity.

2. Have children throw away their own trash
After your child blows his nose or opens up a snack, instead of taking his trash for him, direct him to the nearest trash bin. If you don’t encourage this habit, where will he put his trash if you aren’t around to take it from him?

3. Have children clean up after themselves
If your child dropped some food on the floor, instead of getting upset, encourage him to clean up. If your child spills, encourage him to wipe it up. Show them where they can find what they need to clean it up, for example, a towel or a dust pan. Instead of using commands like “Clean it up!” use words like “Let’s” and stay calm. Food or liquid spills are small things, so we don’t need to turn them into something big by our reaction. If you staying calm, it will help your child not to be so anxious about making mistakes, and when another accident happens they will know how to respond.

We hope these habits help you and your family.

See you next time!

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