Yukimasa Nagakawa

Head of School

Yukimasa has a passion to make education accessible for everyone. With his background in social welfare and business he directs the all of the school’s operations. His dream is for this school to not only educate children, but also train parents and eventually future Montessori educators as well.
He volunteers at his local church serving as a translator and administrator.

Kwansei Gakuin University, Nishinomiya, Hyogo
Social Welfare & Business, B.A. (2013)

Allison Nagakawa

Lead Montessori Teacher

Allison was born in Nagoya, but raised in America and Tokyo. She studied abroad in Kansai during university and decided to move here after graduation.
She has always had a passion for teaching and helping youth. She has taught at international preschools, public elementary and junior high schools, and English language schools for kids in Osaka and Kobe over the past six years. She always felt that children had more untapped potential, and disliked how students were forced to move at the same pace through the same material, and how teachers often only prepared them for tests and not for life. She began pursuing her Masters in Education with a Montessori education focus in the fall of 2017 and with the help of her supportive husband opened this school, Grace Montessori Academy.
She serves at her local church on the worship team, international playgroup, and at the summer kids camp.

Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio
Montessori Education, M. Ed (2019)
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Psychology, B.S. (2012)
Asian Studies, B.A. (2012)

Worked 2 years as an international preschool Native English teacher,
3 years as an Osaka city public elementary and junior high school Native English teacher, and
3 years as the branch manager for an English language school for children

Yongsuk Pang

Assistant Teacher

Yongsuk is a born and raised Kobe native. She has lived abroad in the U.K. and the U.S. While in the U.S., she volunteered for four years in her church’s children’s ministry and found she enjoyed working with young children. She understands how each child develops differently and at his own pace, as she is raising two sons of her own, as well. She is excited to see how much the children learn and grow at school.

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