Grace Montessori Academy’s Montessori Toddler Class is now accepting applications!

  Class Details

Ages: 1-2 years 11 months old (as of April 2019)

Duration: ~ 3 years and 11 months old

Time: 8:45-15:15 (~13:15 morning class also available)

Plans: 3-5 days a week

Enrollment: 8 children max

* See below for our TRIAL CAMPAIGN!

 Montessori Toddler Class Daily Schedule (~15:15)

08:45-09:00   Arrival
09:00-10:15   Montessori work / Snack
10:15-10:35   Circle time / Story time
10:35-10:45   Toilet / Prepare for park
10:45-11:30   Park
11:30-11:40   Toilet / Prepare for lunch
11:40-12:40   Lunch / Work (when finished with lunch)
12:40-14:00   Nap time / Quiet time
14:00-14:45   Art / Music / Movement time
14:45-15:00   Pack Up
15:00-15:15   Pick Up



The children are free to use the materials in the classroom. There are practical life and sensorial materials. If the children want a snack, they prepare it themselves. They learn the process of preparing and cleaning up their own snack. In completing these sorts of practical life tasks the children develop independence and confidence. The sensorial materials focus on working the children’s hands. The goal is to help develop fine motor skills and concentration.

   girl with shapes puzzle children preparing snack


During Circle Time, the children practice greetings, phonics, and the calendar. They also enjoy singing and dancing to songs in English. Every month there is a different theme (i.e. colors, shapes, numbers, animals, etc.). The teacher will teach theme-related vocabulary through a material, song, and/or book.


boy playing with water outsidePARK

We value time outside to enjoy nature and get the children moving. On sunny days, the children kick around a ball, play on the playground, pick up litter, and collect fallen petals or leaves. On rainy or wet days, the children like to paint with mud, wipe down the playground, and make mudpies.


On art days, the children learn how to cut, paint, and color while creating art. Sometimes we will do a craft they can take home for special occasions such as Mother’s/Father’s Day, and Christmas. On music days, they practice simple rhythm patterns and are introduced to some instruments. On movement days, the children do yoga, practice somersaults, and dance.

  boy playing with keyboard   girl coloring  boy posing with sponge boats

  2019 School Fee (Morning ~13:00)

3 days/week ¥49,000
4 days/week ¥54,000
5 days/week ¥59,000


  2019 School Fee (Full Day ~15:00)

3 days/week ¥65,000
4 days/week ¥75,000
5 days/week ¥85,000
  • Enrollment fee: ¥30,000
  • No annual fee
  • Siblings will receive a 10% discount on the monthly fee


The outcomes of a Montessori education are undeniable! Your child can learn independence, gain confidence, build his fine motor skills, develop concentration, speak and act with grace and courtesy, and much more! However, it’s not all apparent just from a one day trial. You can enroll your child for a trial month with NO enrollment fee, and pay the ¥30,000 enrollment fee only once you decide to sign up!

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